Is this thing on?

Bear with me, I’ve never done this sort of thing.

I’m just going to wing it and see if there are any fellow peeps with my same “dog-obsessed, poor sense of humor, nurse life, Jeep drivin’, God is good, lack of fitness-still out here tryin'” mentality.

I’m not here to preach, but I do love a good verse and I definitely love bible journaling/scripture art.. or however you wanna say pretty words from the Bible.

As for my dog obsession. Mine is a purebred WEIMARANER. I’m not a dog snob, but I am a self proclaimed “dog mom”, which is equally judgeable. Don’t worry I will definitely spam posts with her Dobby-like face. P.S. her name is Dos. Yes, like Spanish for 2… I’ll explain later.

The nurse life. If you’re a nurse or know one well enough, you know that the profession consumes you. That can mean plenty of things, but in my case I’d say it has changed me for the better. I love my patients too hard, and I’m not sorry.

My Jeep. There are 2 types of Jeep owners. One just saw it as a vehicle and liked whatever feature they liked and bought it, that’s cool I guess. But the other, well that’s where you’ll find me and the other wackadoos upset if you didn’t “Jeep-wave” back. There’s a funky group of people that belong to a Jeep family/community and they’re kinda like vegans.. you’ll know they drive a Jeep, somehow some way we’ll make sure to let you know. And yes, mine is ORANGE.

As for working out.. unlike Fergie, I’m not always up in the gym just working on my fitness. My pant size is my witness. I did recently get into a bootcamp style gym and I do like the class style workout. I mean who doesnt love dying together while someone yells at you. So far I’ve stuck with it long enough that I don’t hear someone clapping and assume it’s just my thunder thighs slapping together as I walk. So there’s that



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