Irish Yoga

It’s basically just myself and a few of my not so flexible girl friends drinking while we attempt to do yoga.

It started out a local brewery/bar hosting yoga and promoting their beer. My friend L.G. and I talked after attending and thought we could manage to do that ourselves at one of our houses and have even more fun with our own friends.

So, we found a DVD and popped it into my fiance’s xbox, poured ourselves a glass of moscato/popped open a beer, and unrolled our high dollar TJ Maxx yoga mats.

Right off the bat we couldn’t stop giggling at the seriousness of the video instructors. They were kind enough to have a person demostrating beginner, intermediate and advanced examples for most moves. We could never remember the peoples’ names so we made them up and would say things like “okay Gurst, tone it down” or “Ted’s (the beginner example) over there using blocks to cheat”.

Every time we “found our breath” or “our heart center”… we would drink. Same same, right? We were at peace with it, so I think it counts. L.G. loves “downward dog” but only until my silly actual dog comes up nuzzling her like “auntie, what are doing!?” My dog, Dos, doesn’t quite understand what the heck we are doing so she noses us in our funky positions and lays on our mats hoping for extra affection. It’s cute and all until you’re getting a wet willy from a weim while you’re trying to balance with one foot in the air and if you move your hands… face plant.

My fiance typically stays downstairs and plays a PC game, but he somehow always manages to come upstairs at the perfect time. We can never remember actual position names but we call this one the fire hydrant, so go ahead a picture a dog peeing on one if you will. Anyway, here me and 3 my friends are in the living room facing the TV as he sneaks up behind us trying not to interrupt, we are on our hands and knees hiking one knee up rotating it in a circular motion. And me being the 10 year old boy I apparently am, I start to giggle and pretend I’m peeing like a dog until I make epic eye contact with my soon-to-be husband. Hot stuff. Later, he walks in and we are flat on our backs eyes closed. He hollers “I thought y’all were working out?” We all replied “We are. That’s the best part”. Yoga, I tell ya. You can drink, you can lay down, what’s not to love.

By now this is a weekly thing. Basically just an excuse to see L.G. and L.K. and drink on a week day, but it’s socially acceptable because yoga. Not sure if that makes it classy fitness or redneck fitness, either way I’m in.

To be continued as we take on a country zumba line dance video and perfect our hakuna matatas….



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