JEEP Mini Ride

Finally had some free time and SUNSHINE to take the front half off my hard top and roll down the windows on my 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sahara today. I turned up my “Brooks and Dunn” Pandora station and cruised in 2nd gear for about an hour. Only noise besides some good ol country music was the screeching of a million bugs and the occasional SPLASH! I made going through any tiny puddle I saw. The trails were all flat and mostly smoothed over but just being able to get away from other vehicles, people, and pavement was a nice change.

My second favorite thing, after a Pavement Ends Here sign, is tree tunnels. Which is something we are thankfully not short on where I live. To be able to drive aimlessly and shut out the city for a while is a blessing. I was raised in a Jeep and the reason I jumped at the chance to purchase an ORANGE one of my own was because my Papa (who I’m named after) had a bright orange stick shift Jeep that I was sad to see leave the family. I’ll explain later why a 6 speed is something he cannot operate but know he still has an old CJ appropriately named Gumby. So, when my fiance and I saw a 6 speed orange beauty we didn’t take long to decide on purchasing my childhood dream car. I guess that may not be every typical girl’s dream but that tells you all you need to know about me.

When I got home to put the panels back on, I let my dog Dos out. She always runs to the Jeep hoping for a ride and she was too funny not to take a picture of wearing her new Halloween bandana. You see, all my friends and family have grown accustomed to her havin’ a bandana for every occasion. She’s tolerant enough to wear them and I have a mild obsession.

In, fact if you tell her we gotta get dressed she goes to her bin of bandanas to get dressed for her day. Our furiends and family say “She’s naked!” if I don’t put one on her at this point.

As you may have noticed in the first picture I also have a minor obsession with stickers, always have. Each one has meaning or is special to me in some way. Some were made by crafty friends because they thought of me, some are sports teams, local support, and most are places I’ve been. I collect a sticker whenever I go somewhere new as my souvenir, kind of my own personal tradition that originally started with my other Jeep buddy K.

Hoping to get the whole hard top off and get in a couple more topless rides before the weather changes, luckily in the South the change to Fall still feels like Summer. Don’t worry the cicadas will still screech us a love song.



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