Day Two

What are the most beautiful parts of me?

When reflecting on what to say as my response I felt both conceited and insecure. I started out like “I’m not that terrible looking this should be ok” but then my mind immediately wandered.

My mind went to: “well there’s the adorable breakouts I just started to get and haven’t had since high school, there’s those real cute cellulite bumps on my thighs, oh speaking of break outs my chest is randomly spotted out too, there’s those incessant ingrown toe nails that make my nails grow funky and even make polish looks slightly silly, those pesky baby hairs that ruin every hair style, the scars on my shins from sliding in softball all those years, the stretch marks from bulking up whether it was from working out, sports, or legit just fatness, but my real favorite is the back fat folds I can’t get rid of!”

HOWEVER, I stopped. Acknowledged all of the things I see as flawed and gave it to God, I even gave it to the ones who love me despite it all or who can’t see it because they love me.

I am blessed to have had good skin for so long and my recent breakouts have actually led me to try a new product and others have asked me for my input because they are in the same boat. My struggle is actually helping others who are also struggling.

My cellulite bumps are part of being human and a curvy hipped woman. And if I really wanna nitpick it has reduced since I’ve been more active, go me.

Ingrown toe nails just means more pedicures…darn. I just hate going to sit in that massage chair and getting my feet spoiled with sugar scrubs and hot lotion rubs and hot stone massages all as part of the basic pedicure! The hardest part? Picking a color for my toes. It’s a big decision.

Those pesky baby hairs? Well of all people I should be thankful for the hair I have. I care for pediatric cancer patients. Do you know how hard it is to console beautiful and sick kids who want to hide their whole head because of hair loss? Be grateful for your trivial annoyances.

My scars and stretch marks are my stories. I have lived an active life. I’ve played sports, I’ve climbed, I’ve fallen, I’ve gotten back up and my body tells my story.

One thing I’ve ALWAYS been extremely self conscious about is my back. I have folds under my rib cage that is mostly skin but definitely still some fat and it’s because I have very mild scoliosis and lordosis. A fancy way of saying curvy spine, uneven hips, and sway back. That extra skin allows me to move and not tear at the seams but it’s not the social norm and I feel like I can’t pull off those backless or open back outfits. Of course I can and should wear what I want but truthfully I steer clear mostly.

So what are the beautiful parts about me? It’s my soul, spirit, and heart that allow me to process this crazy life God laid out for me.

Stay tuned for Day 3.



Ps. It is WAY easier to find negative traits, even as I edit I think of more flaws to add to the list. The hard part is finding beauty in yourself and believing in that more than what’s flawed.

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