“To go about in a girly manner”.

I don’t consider myself a girly girl. Yes, I typically always wear makeup but I prefer a t-shirt, jeans, and boots over a dress and heels. I don’t know how to contour, if I were to put on eyeliner people would ask if a toddler did it for me, and my idea of an okay hair-do is taking down a messy bun and hoping the curls from it are okay-ish. I do “girl” when I need to, like for Mardi Gras or a big dinner. Well every now and then my friends will get me out and convince me to doll up. The thing is I always have so many questions. The girly items I own I barely know how to use. I literally own one set of wedges I like to wear ’cause they don’t hurt (Volatile is an amazing heel brand by the way) so I pair them with everything and pray no one notices/they match. I bought some of those bralette things but I’m too busty to not wear a real bra under so I just kinda throw a lacey bralette over a real bra for the outfits that show bra straps and hope its cute-ish. I own two Naked eyeshadow pallets, both were a gift. I use like two colors from each one. I’ve used the same brand of foundation and compact since high school, come to think of it same with mascara. I have three main hairstyles, only two of which are of any effort or use for going out. I can only straighten my hair if I just washed and blow dried it, it’s too long and I’m too lazy to be honest. I like to wand curl my hair and brush it out so their not so tight of curls, I usually get a compliment or two on that style. The curls usually last two days too, so that’s a plus for my lazy self.

So if I manage to get some makeup on and do my hair, then I text my best friend like 12 pictures about my outfit. I’m the kind of person who has the same top in 3 colors, so one pic per color. Then you got these pants or those, then the leg up how bout these shoes pose. At least one shoe will be a boot hoping she says I can get away with wearing my fancier boots instead of sandals/heels.

Getting ready aka “girl-ing” is such a process. The South and it’s humidity isn’t exactly ideal for any hair style and dew-y isn’t a look it’s just sweat and melting makeup…so there’s that.

Kinda, Kennie

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