Skin Care

So my skin decided its 2008 and brought my break outs back. Thankfully, I’ve generally had pretty good skin after high school from college until now but all of a sudden I have the typical T Zone breakouts and a unicorn horn from time to time, super cute. I follow this girl on instagram that posts about hunting/archery/makeup/skincare etc. Well she mentioned she decided to try out Belli Skin Care and make it a regimen. She appeared to have similar breakouts to me so I followed along to see her results. Needless to say it was worth a shot because I didn’t want to fork over Rodan + Fields money just yet. Belli is “free of not only harmful chemicals, but dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, gluten, phthalates and preservatives too…and Cruelty Free.” I can’t pronounce half that stuff but I’m down with natural goods that’s a plus. Their products are pregnancy safe too, so there’s that.


I started out with the “Anti-Blemish Basics” washing my face every night and removing all makeup followed by the spot treatment. I’m sure simply removing all makeup every night made my face happy to start with ’cause I’m terrible about saying screw it and falling asleep in a full face. After a week, I noticed that my spots were no longer multiplying and what was already there was less red and getting smaller. I’m on week two or three of using it, washing every night still and sometimes in the morning as well. I haven’t had any new breakouts and the old ones are just traces now. Fun fact, the cleansing face wash apparently doubles as a face mask if you leave it on for five minutes. HELLO, one less thing I gotta buy, I love masks!

So far I have no complaints about this line of products, in fact I recommend them and will probably be buying more. You use so little, so it will last a while!

Kinda, Kennie

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