Washed by the Water

baptizedSunday, November 4, 2018.

A day I won’t ever forget.

I was raised knowing there is a God. I knew that God loved me and that He is all powerful, but I never had a home church. My parents openly supported my attendance at any church I asked to go to, but I was not a regular at any particular one by any means. I joined Christian Fellowship groups led during lunch in high school but they were student run so I wasn’t fulfilled there either.

This year I have been a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse for going on two years, and that is where I found God. As a nurse, I rely heavily on science, but in an ICU especially one specializing in pediatrics I SAW GOD’S WORK defy science. Science cannot explain half of what I witness daily. Prayers, worship, and tears all reaching out to God, to Jehovah-Rapha, begging for a healing that this Earth cannot provide. I got to witness His miracles and His mercy. Of course, I have seen children take their last breath and have had people question how I can believe God would be the one taking it from them. My answer is simple, “Heaven is so much better than their earthly battle”. I pray for peace for my kids and if God deems that to be only possible in heaven,  then I have one more guardian angel.


Being a new nurse is emotionally exhausting, I was desperate for a spiritual uplifting. I started asking other nurses about their home churches, and found one for my own. I fell in love with my church and every Sunday I attended, I could feel something drawing me toward a water baptism.

I am 25, never been baptized in my life never even seen one done thinking can I really do this? YES. I chose to get baptized in November because that is my birth month and I knew it would be memorable to turn 26 washed by the water.


The amount of support I received was overwhelming. I feel the Holy Spirit often, but that day I was taken back by His grace. I was able to bring TWELVE people to church and witness God change me.

When I returned to church three days later for First Wednesday, my favorite service, I was asked “Do you feel different?” and we both grinned ear to ear as I eagerly responded “I really do!”. I feel more connected to my church, my church family, and most importantly my Savior. Starting over, washed. God Bless.





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