Guide from a Gamer’s Wife

Well soon to be wife..

My fiance and I have been together for four years. He has played video games since he was a child that isn’t going to change just because he met me or wants to marry me.

For him it’s his me time, his cool off, his social time. Guys can play their favorite video games miles away from each other together. It could be someone in the next room, same town or an old Army buddy in a different state. Unless you’re wife of the year and let him and 3 friends bring their TVs and consoles to take over your living room and turn it into a Black Ops hub. So. Much. Yelling.

My advice to a new gamer sig other is to Pick Your Battles.

I would much rather him be gaming than bar hopping. A man sitting at home gaming isn’t getting into any trouble except maybe buying too many unnecessary skins.


Let him have his game time and use that time to have your own me time. Whatever it is you like to do… scrolling aimlessly without shame, bubble bath, face masks that could double as a Halloween mask, shopping, or even just uninterrupted house chores getting done how you like them. Ps there is a wrong way to fold something, just saying. The compromise comes from the balance on how long he plays/you do your thing. As long as you can agree on when to come back to each other, things should be good. You can’t get mad at him for gaming too long if you make him stop and all you do is scroll through Facebook instead of spend time with him.

In my experience most distaste and arguments about a man gaming too much is the girl feeling like they come second and/or they aren’t getting enough attention. Let’s face it, mid game you could strut around in less than nothing and they are clueless because they can’t decide where to drop next on the map or someone is losing lane. When the headphones are on you might as well be a mime cause he can’t hear you.

Agree on some together time and stick to it. No phones, just be together. Whether its Netflix or sharing a meal, don’t half ass it. Actually soak up each others attention. Letting him game without guilt in my experience has actually led to less game time or at least him asking what I want to do instead more often. On top of that, him offering not to play has made me tell him to go ahead and play, there’s balance. But then again maybe I’m an outlier because sometimes I like to watch his games and chime in.



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