A “moo point”; FRIENDS

Friendships are something we hold close to heart. After all they’re basically family you got to choose, at least in theory that is.

I’ve always had closer friendships with guys than any girls. The never-ending “sausage fest” jokes have been laid on heavy since I was young, maybe just a little more PG back then. We have all heard the cliche saying “boys are less drama”, but they’re not. In fact, boys like the chaos just as much they just don’t fuel the fire or let the grudges burn for months on end. Guys get mad, handle it, and get over it. Granted, they don’t always handle it well but nonetheless they typically let the drama go long before a girl ever will.

I view girl friends as a sisterhood. It’s hard to find a fellow girl that doesn’t light up for gossip or find joy in people shaming. I’m guilty of both, striving for better, but that doesn’t mean I care to surround myself with those oblivious to their ugly habit. A girl friend rooted in God is something you can’t replace and a type of friend I hope to find and be.

I have a small cohort of true friends. Honestly, maybe only able to count on less than one hand how many would come to my rescue no matter the cause or time. As you can probably guess they’re mostly guys too. Male loyalty runs deep and that’s actually my favorite quality of guy friends over girls.

I’m still learning my faults as a friend, open and hoping to learn what they are to correct and build from them. It’s belittling to feel left out or friend-less as you get older. Whether invites are unrequited or you never see any form of reciprocity from a so-called friend, it can feel like you’re inches tall. I find myself questioning my own character and actions when I feel let down by someone I consider a friend. I haven’t found a way around it other than to pray for guidance and to love my friends who aren’t a one-way street relationship a little harder.

I guess one old saying that does ring true is to “treat others as you want to be treated”. Seems like the Christian thing to do alongside loving your neighbor. To any friend I was once or am still close with, “I’ll be there for you.”



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